My story

My primary interests revolve around cartography, photography, computer programming, travel, and ham radio. I consider myself a tinkerer, often delving into areas that may seem beyond my expertise. However, the joy of exploration and learning keeps me engaged. While I may not excel in creative writing, I possess strong technical writing skills that enable me to effectively communicate complex ideas. Nevertheless, I anticipate that crafting content for my blog page will pose an exciting challenge for me

Education and work

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Western Kentucky University, which paved the way for a fulfilling 30-year career in the field of computers. Throughout my career, I have gained experience in various roles, including desktop and server support, computer programming, and management of technical teams.

In 2019, I pursued a Master’s degree in Digital Mapping from the University of Kentucky to further explore my passion for maps and cartography. This educational journey provided me with valuable skills in creating custom maps and enhanced my proficiency in critical thinking, programming, and data science.

Maps have always captivated me, and with my specialized training, I can now combine my technical expertise with my fascination for cartography. Additionally, my master’s program expanded my knowledge in crucial areas that complement my work, allowing me to approach challenges with a well-rounded perspective.

What’s on the horizon?

While I may not have all the answers just yet, I invite you to join me on this journey. Make sure to come back and visit my blog, explore my photography, and delve into my world of cartography. Together, we’ll embark on new adventures, discover intriguing perspectives, and witness the power of storytelling through images and maps.

By regularly checking in, you’ll stay connected and witness firsthand the evolving chapters of my creative pursuits. So, stay tuned for updates and hopefully inspiring creations.