My story

My primary interests revolve around cartography, photography, computer programming, data analysis, travel, and amateur radio. I consider myself a tinkerer, often delving into areas that may seem beyond my expertise. I thrive on curiosity and am always eager to explore new and challenging endeavors. I find great satisfaction in pushing my boundaries and welcome the opportunity to tackle complex problems, as I genuinely enjoy a good challenge. It’s in the face of difficulty that I discover the most about myself and my capabilities.

Education and work

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Western Kentucky University, which paved the way for a fulfilling 20+ year career in the field of information technology. Throughout my career, I have gained experience in various roles, including desktop and server support, computer programming, and management of technical teams.

After two decades of successful contributions in information technology, I embarked on a new phase of my career in 2014, immersing myself in the ever-evolving field of data analytics—a journey that continues to captivate me to this day. My focus on data analytics has propelled the advancement of my proficiency in Python, SQL, and visualization tools. I am dedicated to crafting data-driven solutions that not only enhance user experiences but also contribute significantly to business growth.

In addition to technical skills, my unique blend of non-technical abilities, fueled by empathy and curiosity, enables me to excel in understanding stakeholders’ needs, creating insightful reports, and crafting visualizations with compelling narratives. Strong communication and interpersonal skills allow me to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical audiences, distilling complex information clearly. I approach my work with a positive attitude, collaborative spirit, and proactive, autonomous project management style.

For a detailed overview of my professional journey and skills, please refer to my resume.

In 2017, I pursued a Master’s degree in Digital Mapping at the University of Kentucky to explore my interests in data analytics and cartography. This educational journey equipped me with valuable skills in creating custom maps and enhanced my proficiency in critical thinking, programming, and data science. My desire to deepen my understanding of data analytics and cartography, the master’s program provided me with a unique skill set, enabling a seamless blend of technical expertise with my passion for crafting meaningful visualizations.

In my current endeavors, I have successfully undertaken the task of creating customized maps tailored to the unique preferences of individuals. Leveraging my expertise in utilizing OpenStreetMap data, I employ a meticulous process involving Python, OSMnx for network analysis, and GeoPandas for geospatial data manipulation to extract, transform, and load the data into GeoPackages. This comprehensive approach ensures that the geospatial data is accurately represented. The resulting maps come to life through visualization techniques, where Matplotlib plays a crucial role in crafting visually compelling representations.

I take pride in ensuring the integration of final touches. After creating the data, I load the geospatial data into QGIS, a pivotal step that adds precision and enhances the overall quality of the maps. QGIS, not only serving as a powerful tool for visualization but also capable of creating printable maps, plays a crucial role in this process. This attention to detail reflects my commitment to delivering results that consistently surpass expectations. The outcome is more than just a map; it’s a visually compelling showpiece.

What’s on the horizon?

While I may not have all the answers just yet, I invite you to join me on this journey. Make sure to come back and visit my blog, explore my photography, and delve into my world of cartography. By regularly checking in, you’ll stay connected and witness firsthand the evolving chapters of my creative pursuits. So, stay tuned for updates and hopefully inspiring creations.